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Leader’s Choices of Digital Transformation Ebook of 2021

Are you looking for the best DX resources? You just landed on the right page. Here, we will be listing the best digital transformation ebook of 2021 that will help you make the best out of your digital transformation initiative. Make sure to read on to learn more.

Digital Transformation Ebook for Leaders

1. Leveraging Digital Transformation: Proven Leadership and Innovation Strategies to Engage and Grow Your Organization by M. Nadia Vincent

This book highlights why most DX failures happen, because of failing excellent leadership. C-suite leaders, business executives, and DX leaders will surely love this book down to its last pages. The book aims to help every leader implement DX to its best potential.

  • Learn how to convert DX and innovation into a massive return on investment
  • Learn how to develop your working environment that fosters business innovation

Overall, the book is your definite guide in leading DX in your organization. From building vision to implementing them, down to DX success.

2. Competing in the Age of AI: Strategy and Leadership When Algorithms and Networks Run the World by Marco Iansiti and Karim Lakhani

This book is for leaders aiming to lead DX with the help of big data, analytics, and artificial intelligence (AI). In addition, the book highlights how eliminating the traditional scale and scope can help further business growth.

  • Learn how to develop business strategies with AI and data
  • Learn how the latest algorithms and network make the way in today’s businesses

All in all, this book focuses on the value of AI, data, and analytics in reshaping today’s former traditional companies into digital industries. Thus, helping leaders in rethinking how their company competes in today’s era.

3. 77 Building Blocks of Digital Transformation: The Digital Capability Model by Jace An

This book highlights the 77 building blocks that make up a successful digital transformation. Digital professionals in IT, consultants, planners, sales, and marketing are the target audience of this book.

  • Know what the “digital capability model” is and its 12 mega capabilities and 77 other capabilities

For anyone already into digital transformation, this book can help you better implement DX strategies. It can help you learn and improve on the best ways to do DX.

4. Driving Digital: The Leader’s Guide to Business Transformation Through Technology by Isaac Sacolick

Becoming a digital enterprise is the main message of this book. It emphasizes how simply updating products and technologies is not enough to apply DX. This is perfect for anyone leading a company’s DX initiative, and who is facing intense pressure with today’s trends.

  • Learn from the author’s lessons in his own digital transformation stories
  • Learn how to formulate a digital strategy and drive an entire culture change in your organization

The Driving Digital book will rightly equip you with the digital practices that every leader should know. Thus, prepares every leader for launching a success in DX.

Digital transformation books can serve as your best guide in implementing these huge digital undertaking organizations do face. Whether you are a leader or support, feeding by these books can help you learn DX beyond what Google can offer.

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Robotic Process Automation Tools (Free and Paid)

Robotic process automation tools are necessary for simplifying back-office tasks, specifically repetitive tasks. If you google for choices, perhaps you will find many; choosing the best one can be challenging. 

So this post will list the top robotic process automation tools that best fit most business needs. The list is a mix of both free and paid tools. In addition, we will include a list of the tool’s features for your easy tool evaluation. 

Robotic Process Automation Tools Examples

1. Eggplant of Keysight Technologies

Eggplant is a leader in RPA because of its award-winning RPA solutions. For instance, the platform is recognized by Gartner and Forrester, of which are both top RPA analysts.

RPA Features:

  • End-to-end automation
  • Ability to interact with different systems in completing a task
  • It makes use of a universal fusion engine
  • Resolve issues in real-time with its data analytics
  • Reduces manual errors 

However, this RPA platform is for process experts and is not preferable for technical experts or developers.

2. Automate by HelpSystems

Automate is an RPA platform designed for complex repetitive and manual processes. Also, the platform can provide an easy, stable, and robust functionality RPA solution, which can suit any organization’s needs.

RPA Features:

  • It contains more than 600 prebuilt automation building blocks
  • Also has a graphical workflow design for accessible communication between IT and business departments
  • Integrable with an extensive list of applications
  • Capable of intelligent automation
  • Security, auditing, and integration capabilities fitting industry-scale 

3. Visual LANSA

Visual LANSA is a hybrid low-code development platform. It aids in digitally transforming organizations and improving IT performance while minimal technical debts and risks.

RPA Features:

  • The developer can configure any part of an application
  • Easy transformation of manual and paper-based processes into digital (web, cloud, mobile, and desktop applications, for instance)
  • Quick deployment to IBM or Windows server

4. KOFAX from LexMark

KOFAX, for instance, is a codeless RPA platform that allows you to acquire, enhance, and deliver data from any data source. For example, it can be any website, portals, desktop applications, and enterprise systems.

RPA Features:

  • Automating Data Gathering and Input allows you to remove errors
  • Intelligent Software Robots helps improve your operational efficiency
  • Robotic Process Intelligence also aids in easy monitoring and boosting processes
  • Has a centralized server where you can quickly deploy, manage and execute the bots
  • Has built-in analytics

5. Power Automate

Power Automate is another powerful tool that can help you boost your organization’s productivity. The Power Automate RPA solutions can also let you create a secure workflow without any coding.

RPA Features:

  • It contains a thorough step-by-step guide on how to simplify the business process by automation
  • Security is also assured through MS security technology
  • Text recognition, object detection, and form processing- through AI models
  • Integrable with Microsoft apps: Microsoft 365, Azure, and Dynamic 365, for instance

6. Creator

Creator is another codeless RPA solution that allows you to build software. Also, this tool is integrable with PayPal, Zapier, and QuickBooks.

RPA features:

  • Offers role-based functionality for easy workflow distribution
  • Provides insightful reports for better decisions
  • Easy drag and drop interface 
  • Supports iOS and Android

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Capgemini Consulting Digital Transformation

Let us know about the Capgemini consulting digital transformation. So let us discuss how this company sees the essential of Transformation.

Know Capgemini Consulting Digital Transformation

So let us have an idea about Capgemini and know about digital transformation. Yet they believe that the most memorable customer experience comes.

So it a profound analytical understanding of customer behavior insight. Also, our experts work with you to mine data and draw insights.

Moreover, they decipher profound feelings and emotions to build technology solutions. Furthermore, this human center approaches technology which we call the Capgemini effect. 

So it makes a customer of today that ambassador for tomorrow. Yet its unique effect cannot be explained by existing words.

Also, it has created a new language of innovative business lexicons that bring together. Moreover, multiple ideas and benefits that add up to demonstrate a transformative effect.

So it a human inspiration and technology innovation creates. Yet digital transformation has become the rules of the competition.

Also the Capgemini flagship publication on the digital transformation review. They focus n digital mastery. 

So it required reading for any company caught in the whirl of digital transformation.

Consulting Of Capgemini Know About

So Capgemini is one of a lot of consultancy companies right now. Yet their job is too decent diagnosing and solving technical problems across the world. 

Also, most of everyone in the industry knows about software projects. Yet it fails fare more that they succeed.

Moreover, companies have invested more than a half of trillion dollars in the system. Also with a much more investment expected in the next decade.

So if any of these investments fail it spent much money. But the analytics and other enterprise application that has a big investment on it.

So there a cost that external consultants cost a small fortune to engage. Also, they usually join because they give air cover to internal decision-makers.

However, placing another way that regularly provides someone to charge if the project fails. So consultant has special knowledge but sometimes client knows as much as them.

Idea Of Internal Versus External Consulting

So some concern lift about internal and external consulting continues. Yet there is an endless list of powers and weaknesses of each variety of consulting.

But some are remarkably well state. However there a new significant twist about digital transformation.

So if a company desires to digitally transform. It’s a process and model that must understand and mode its processes.

So it’s a business model and the technologies that allow transformation. Yet it can communicate all this to its external helpers

Know Yet About Walkme Company

So the Walkme was found in the year 2011 as a guidance and navigation tool. Yet has a rapid growth that meets the enormous demand for the next generation of digital learning.

Also, the digital adoption platform has begun as a platform-agnostic guidance system. Moreover, it is simply to use for the user experience.

So they have a goal that they want to make a digital system easy to use for everyone. Also, they keep the pace for the speed of innovation today.

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Digital Transformation A New Industrial Revolution

What you have heard about the digital transformation a new industrial revolution. So let us have an idea and understand the new way of technology right now.

Know Digital Transformation A New Industrial Revolution

So let us discuss the new industrial revolution of digital transformation. Yet driving the new generation of information and technologies.

So the market is undergoing a new industrial revolution. Also, it includes the following:

  • Big data
  • Automation
  • Robotics
  • Cloud
  • 3D printing

Moreover, with the help from these elements, the industry will expand its horizon. Also in the future, it is going to be more innovative and creative with efficiency.

So what is the foundation of this new industrial revolution? Yet if we talk about the past the history witnesses the mechanization revolution.

Moreover, it comes to the mass production revolution that follows by computing and automation. But currently, the world is witnessing the fourth revolution.

So this revolution calls the new industrial revolution or industry 4.0. However, there’s no difference compare to the previous revolution when it comes to the following:

  • Disrupting 
  • Redefining

Industrial Companies Of Digital Transformation

So in the current technology companies are not aware of the actual meaning of digital transformation. Yet in the present association of digital transformation is an update of the web platform to be mobile responsive.

Also, there was a lack of knowledge for companies related to the fourth revolution of the world. Yet there is a need for transformation for companies as they have to align themselves.

Also, the great victories on digital will become a reality only when marketing is aligned. But also on the following:

  • Customer experience 
  • Internal company
  • Technology

So let us discuss the three essences of digital transformation. Yet there are three fundamental pillars of transformation.

Moreover it gradual implementation of these changes will change the way on companies processes. yet for the first time in history, the sectors of the economy are now using the benefits of technology.

But also the all sectors are now using technology to take the inputs and produce outstanding outputs. So there are some sectors from the following:

  • Retail
  • Shipping
  • Manufacturing
  • Agriculture

So these economic sectors taking the benefits of the technology right now.

Value Of Digital Transformation

So the current situation has to lead to the fact that if companies are not going to transform. Therefore their way of operating will eventually be going disappear from the market.

Yet some experts say the actual transformation is not about spending way more money on technology. But it about how the company and employee will cope up with the technology in their business.

So calculating the value of digital transformation for business is essential. Yet to check the estimation of cutting edge.

Therefore it regards being referred to the procedure was associated. So this system has evaluated the effet to advance change activities on business and clients.

Also more extensive society and the earth. Moreover, it offers some incentive appraisals or worldwide industry working benefits.

So the commitment to societal esteem that computerizes change can set aside a few minutes outline.

AI Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation Expo

So let us discuss the idea of the digital transformation expo. Also, let us tackle the idea of what we learn from digital technology.

Essence Of Digital Transformation Expo

So when we say digital transformation expo is a platform where attendees can get the idea with the latest technology. Yet if you are one for attendees there you will hear the expert who is developing new tech.

Also the network with people facing the same challenges as you have. So it encompasses the following:

  • Cybersecurity
  • Infrastructure
  • Artificial intellegnce
  • Data analytics
  • Internet of things
  • Cloud
  • Blockchain
  • Software development

So if you want to learn about the digital transformation for your business. Therefore you can explore the digital transformation expo.

Yet expo is a home for you on the digital transaction and they are dedicated to the latest news. Moreover, they will help you to improve on have to use of digital transformation.

Essential Of Digital Transformation

So let us discuss the digital transformation the is a process of using digital technologies. Yet it creates a new or modifies existing business processes and culture.

Also, it gets the customer experience to meet changing business and market requirements. Moreover, it reimagines the industry in a digital era that is digital transformation.

Furthermore, there transcend traditional roles like the following:

  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Customer service

However, instead of transformation starts and ends you will think about how to engage with a customer. Also we more from paper to spreadsheet to smart application for managing your business. 

Moreover, there is a chance to reimagine how the business does and engages customers. So the digital technology is on your side.

Therefore if you have a small business that just getting started. So you need to do is to set up the business processes and transform them later.

Yet creating and preparing to build a digital setup is like being agile and manageable. So if you do that thing it will ready to grow.

Moreover, many companies are taking a back step to ask they doing the right things.

Have Idea Of Digitization And Digitalization 

So let us discuss also the difference between digitization and digitalization. When there are no technology businesses are keep on the records paper.

So making the record in books or type into the documents is calls data on analog. Moreover, computers went mainstream and most businesses started converting.

So all of those ink on paper records to digital computer files. Therefore the digitization will apply.

It a process of converting information from analog to digital. So finding and sharing information become much easier once it has to digitize.

However, how business uses new digital record are largely mimick the old analog methods. So computer operating systems are even designed around icons of file folders.

So digital data was exponentially more efficient for business than analog from. But business systems and processes were still a large design around analog-era.

Yet ideas about how to find share and use information. So that why digital transformation is helping big a lot for the business industry.

AI Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation UK

So let us start to tackle the digital transformation UK country. Also, learn how they lead to the new ways of digital transformation.

Essence Of Digital Transformation UK Country

So let us discuss how the UK leads the way in digital transformation strategy. Therefore the information technology consultancy Infosys release new research.

It claims the reveals of digital transformation maturity of businesses around the world. But what is takes to navigate the next stage of their journey.

Yet it main claiming that become the digital advance. So companies need to run multiple digital initiatives at scale at the same time.

Also, the companies in the UK are now significantly ahead of the global average it comes to their transformation. Yet others claim that UK supremacy has primarily led the telecommunication and technology companies.

Moreover, they argue that digital visionaries have the most advanced group of companies. Yet it runs more digital initiatives at scale to compare to digital explores.

So visionaries average around 12 digital initiatives at scale will a seven initiatives pilot. Also, the explores average of six with the addition of seven pilots.

Moreover, the watcher operates one or two digital initiatives with another pair pilot testing phase. But explores focus on the range of ideas despite sometimes being held.

Transformation Of UK

So let us discuss the barriers to change for the UK. Yet the biggest barrier of digital transformation is the percentage of the respondent.

So the respondent cities that inability to experiment quickly that was 22 percent. Also, it has an insufficient budget was 30 percent.

But the legacy systems were 41 percent to make it single the biggest barrier. So lack of change management capable s and relevant skill is the key to handles.

Yet companies navigate their digital journey that needs to digitize the center. Also to manage change at scale will grow in importance.

Moreover, there are significant differences in digital maturity by the industry. So the highest maturity level has been found out in technology and manufacture.

Also in the telco and financial service sectors. But the industries like the consumer good and logistics.

Also, healthcare has ranked near the bottom regarding its digital transformation progress. 

Progress Is The Key For Digital Transformation

So with companies to the others industries like retails that is in middle of the pack. Yet many legacy retailers that not having made any headways.

However, it surprising that automotive sector lags other sectors in the term f digital maturity. But the autonomous and connected vehicles grab headline is much work.

Yet they need to modernize their legacy systems and integrate the automotive ecosystem. So t more like visionaries that companies should develop and implement.

By the comprehensive strategy for using automation and AI to bolster human capabilities. But focusing shortsightedly on cutting costs.

So they need to put place the formal digital transformation strategy.

Know About Walkme

So the Walkme company has top of digital transformation. Yet their mission is to make digital systems easy to use for everybody.

Also, they want to keep pace with the speed of innovation. Yet their vision is to match the capabilities of humans to the capabilities of technology.

AI Digital Transformation

Burberry Digital Transformation

Let us discuss and know about Burberry and its digital transformation. Also, we will tackle how this Burberry adopt the new ways of technology.

Essence About Burberry Digital Transformation

So Burberry is a champion of digital strategy when it comes to top-the-top luxury brands. Yet since the company has embarked upon the remarkable transformation

Therefore they completely revamp the business model to thrive in the digital age today. So Burberry has delivered that focus on the new digital business model.

Yet it has two keyways on the following:

  • Going all on social media and mobile marketing
  • Creating a model for the ultimate store digital experiences

So how Burberry think that digital is essential? There are many brands the rely on personal experience.

 Yet they struggle to translate the feeling to the digital presence. So if necessary for a brand to connect with customers in a shareable and digital way.

Therefore they have 84 percent of store visitors use their mobile device. But before or during the shopping trip it has 22 percent of consumers spend more.

So as a result of using digital it has 75 percent of consumer shopping behaviors influence by social media. Moreover, Burberry has modified its business model to capture value.

So via the digital transformation, it leads to increase customer purchase. Also, it doing revised its operating model by focusing on millennials.

Diving Deeper For Digital Strategy

So a company has a digital strategy to emphasize the world of revolutionizing. Yet upon on going a better understating of it that term seems justified. 

So Burberry understands that its customer is visually driven. Also, the company is focusing on displaying highly curated product assortments.

Moreover, it is crafting personality stores and editing their website to enhance consumer engagement. So the luxury fashion retailer plans on doing more with social media than ever before. 

Yet they engage with its 51 million social media followers globally. Also across the 13 unique platforms and 24 accounts that have 11 languages.

Smarter And Have More Data Analytics

So company admits that it is improving the omnichannel experience. Moreover, it allows customers flexibility ver payment and delivery options.

Also, it allows them to switch seamlessly between physical and digital. So Burberry’s digital strategy falls under the four major headings.

So let us discuss the first heading the content curation and storytelling. Yet Burberry wishes to express it’s pon of view through the editorial website.

Also, they have the product’s first social media campaign. But the change itself is small and only involves enhancing theme pages.

Moreover, they introduce shoppable stores and social content onto the owner’s digital platform. So let go to the second headings the personalized luxury service.

Yet the Burberry team believer that personalization has become the new normal. So the Linkdex survey about a recent point that 70 percent of US customers expect. 

Therefore they expect some sort of personalization when shopping online. So the luxury fashion market has to take several forms of personalization.

So the other two headings of digital strategy Burberry is the following:

  • Seamless omnichannel experience
  • Accelerate digital partnerships
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Digital Transformation In 10 Building Blocks

So let us discuss the idea of digital transformation in 10 building blocks. Also learn the essence of this discussion of building blocks.

Idea Digital Transformation In 10 Building Blocks

So let us learn and have an idea of building blocks on digital transformation. Yet a lot of companies leverage the power of technology to build a better business. 

But the question is no longer if they will undergo a digital transformation. Rather how fast they have.

So from cloud base infrastructure to big data analytics t dynamic new. Yet information technology management principles and digital selling have techniques.

Also, they can easily reach customers effortlessly on social media. But there are plenty of exciting tools and methodologies.

Yet this will drive the explosive growth in a digital revolution. So let us know the building blocks that make a digital transformation.

So first is the big data. Yet Big data is a big driver of digital transformation.

Also, it estimates that be a billion on the market right now with 62 percent of a survey on companies. Moreover, it having at least one big data project in production.

However most of striking that how big data touches more ad more parts of the business. It because the used to track inventory need base on the social media chatter.

Second Building Blocks Of Transformation

So let go to the cloud that is infrastructure are no longer the technologies of digital pioneers. But now companies from all walks of life have embraced the benefits of the cloud in record numbers.

Yet the survey reports that 39 percent of technology decision-makers are building private clouds. Also, with h32 percent of leveraging the public cloud.

Moreover 59 percent of adopting some type of hybrid models. So the cloud helps companies build and deploy apps.

Yet they manage the customer-facing operation and streamline information technology processes. Moreover, it dost the cost-effectively and securely.

Next is digital selling that which should come as no surprise to that sales company. So they embrace digital transformation as much as any other department.

Yet is more than two-thirds of the consumer’s journey has research. Also, they purchase products or services these days s now done digitally.

So when sales teams use social media to engage their prospect. It more than triples their chance of meeting a decision-maker to close the deal.

Fourth And Last Building Blocks

So fourth is a remote workforce that has one indicator of companies in digital transformation. Yet is the number of employees who work from a remote location.

A survey reveals that 43 percent of employees spend at least some time working remotely. Also, 31 percent now do it at least 80 percent of the time.

So those workers are more satisfied with their jobs and have less likely to quit. Yet those are telling statistics that prove that companies trust speed and convenience.

But also the security of remote access technology. So the last building block is the customer experience.

Yet the Digital transformation is about internal operations. So the digital enterprises are making it easier for a customer to find what they want though we tools.

Also, social media improve the customer experience and build more reliable mechanism.

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Executive Education Digital Transformation

Let us discuss the idea of executive education digital transformation. So we will learn and have an idea of how essential education of new technology right now.

Significant Of Executive Education Digital Transformation

So if you wanted to use digital transformation you have to know the executive education. Yet in digital technology their management training that demand in the industry.

So digitization has a center of issues at companies around the globe. There are different the fact that new digital technologies and media have to change consumer demand.

Also, it driving comprehensive change in the way of business operation. Yet this process is known as the digital transformation.

Also, a professional and company has increasingly looking for execute education program. Yet that can help them to prepare for successful management.

So the creative sectors include the following:

  • Media 
  • Television
  • Film
  • Music
  • Gaming

Yet is one of the clearest cases in the point when it comes to industries affected by digitization. But the strategy and report attribute all recent growth in the creative industries.

So digitization has impacted every industry imaginable and creating a pressing issue. Yet the fact that there are more than 100 courses related to digitization in executive education.

Two Center Directions

So digital transformation means different things for different companies. Therefore the one hand it applies to outward-facing communication and customer relations. 

But not just a matter of having a page on Facebook. Yet digital and social media are not just channels.

So there is a way of thinking that requires deep transformation and becoming more customer-centric. Therefore for you to know the course which executive can cultivate their digital.

Also, communications awareness and responsiveness has included the following:

  • Communication and persuasion in the digital age
  • Competing in a data-driven world

But besides elevation the customer experience. There are other simultaneous and symbiotic forces within digital transformation.

Yet it involves enabling employees to work smarter internally. So digitization also applies to technology companies.

Also, it can leverage to manage their employee for encouraging internal innovation. Moreover, it improves manage decision and maintaining process and procedures.

But also detects talent and giving employees a sense of belonging. So even if they are not all working in the same location.

Programs Relevant To Internal Processes

So there is a program that relevant to internal processes affected by digitization that include in following:

  • Systematic innovation of products and processes to services
  • Business architecture and strategic business process management

So you need to master the digitization mindset. Yet for a senior executive, it more important than any one element of digitization is learning to adapt.

So it an overall mindset as a leader to cope with and promote digital transformation across the company. Yet executive education courses taking a big step to approach a usually last multiple days.

Walkme Company Know About

So let me share with you about the Walkme company. This company has the top of the best companies on digital transformation.

Yet the goal is to make a digital system make easy for everyone. Also, they want to keep the pace of the speed of innovation today.

AI Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation Maturity Model

So let us start discussing the digital transformation maturity model. Thus know how essential these new ways for the business industry.

Know Digital Transformation Maturity Model

So digital revolution brings significant opportunities and threats to every industry. Thus some of the communication service providers have embraced it.

It is for the growth opportunity by looking for connectivity.

So let us discuss the digital transformation and maturity model. 

So the digital maturity model offers a practical approach to transformation.

Moreover, it has been crafted for many months by industry leaders. So technology companies and global advisory firms have knowledge and experience creating a model.

Yet they can use identify possible investment priorities and manage the journey itself. So here it the step by step six-dimensional models from the following:

  • Customer – Providing experience to customer view from companies as digital partners using their preferred channels. Also, a channel of interaction control to connect future on and offline.
  • Technology – Underpins the success of digital strategy on helping to create and process for store security. Also, exchange data to meet the need of customers at low cost and low overheads.
  • Operation – So executing and evolving processes and tasks by utilizing digital technology. Yet to drive strategic management and enhance business efficiency and effectiveness

Other Three Step By Step Models

  • Strategy

So focus on how business transforms and operates to increase competitive advantage. But digital initiatives are embedded within the overall business strategy.

  • Data

Evaluate the company’s ability both strategically and operationally to ethical and effective. So use the data and information assets to maximize business value

  • Culture and people companies

It defines and develops a company culture with governance and talent processes. So it supports the progress along the digital maturity curve and flexibility to achieve growth and innovation objectives.

Define Digital Maturity Model

So let us understand the definition of the digital maturity model. Yet before taking the best digital transformation initiatives you must understand your digital maturity.

Moreover, others companies are using a framework known as digital maturity models. So the digital maturity models have 2 type of framework that allows you from the following:

  • Develop a roadmap for your digital transformation journey
  • Understand your digital maturity level at any given moment

Yet markets are forcing to encourage companies to adapt their business operations. But have a complexity of transformation project that relative to the state of digital maturity.

So before moving forward in the digital transformation journey. It’s essential to understand where you stand first.

So this information will help you to make the right decision to survive the digital world. Moreover, there are a variety of digital maturity models that available.

Yet there some examples like Google use digital maturity models that they have four states. So these states are focusing on the market and sales efforts. 

So the four stages models are in the following:

  • Nascent
  • Emerging
  • Connected
  • Multi-moment

Information About Walkme Company

Here some of few ideas about the Walkme company I share with you. So the Walkme company is well-known as the best of digital transformation.

Also, their goal is to make a digital system that easy to use for everyone. Moreover, their vision is to match the capabilities of people and technologies.