Breaking Down The Epic Games Data Breach

Late in 2018, Epic Games experienced a data breach relating to Fortnite accounts. The Epic Games data breach resulted in user accounts being stolen. What more do we know about the Epic Games Data Breach?

More From The Breach

Aside from user accounts, hackers use linked credit or debit cards for purchases.

Moreover, hackers sold those accounts, loaded up with in-game purchases. Thus, profiting on the dark web and other sites.

How The Data Breach Occurred

Epic Games acknowledges that there are a lot of flaws in Fortnite’s login system. As a result, it allowed hackers to impersonate players.

Also, buy in-game currency using stolen credit cards on the account.

Check Point successfully revealed a security vulnerability on an old webpage operated by Epic Games.

Moreover, Check Point notified Epic Games in November of 2018. But, the acknowledgment came two months later.

On the other hand, Epic Games did not reveal how many accounts were affected. It is estimated that Fortnite has 200 million registered users.

Before the data breach outbreak, the BBC reports that hackers were earning thousands of British pounds. The earning comes from hacking Fortnite accounts, take them over, and resell them online.

Kotaku Report

It reveals that there are other means hackers profits from hacking Fortnite accounts. This is through purchasing upgraded versions of the otherwise free game.

An upgraded version is purchased for $99.99 or $150.00. After that, the hacked account receives codes.

Then, hackers use those codes for free downloads of Fortnite standard edition, which retails for approximately $40.

Hackers would then sell the codes online at a high rate.

Epic Games Response

In reply to the data breach, Epic Games posted an “Account Security Bulletin.”

Under the “What Are We Doing To Help” section, Epic Games provides that they are working hard to retrieve and reset passwords.

Moreover, they believe that actively retrieving accounts prevents a significant amount of fraud. 

Unfortunately, not all accounts will be found eventually through human hands.

As a result, Epic Games is automating the processes to check the account database against password dumps. Thus, closing the space between identifying impacted users and resetting their passwords.

Furthermore, as a means of improvement, Epic Games enables multi-factor authentication. As a result, it provides players with additional security options.

Besides, Fortnite users have no insurance that the security measures will protect their personal information.

However, Fortnite is doing the best they can to ensure that their personal information is protected from cybersecurity threats.

FDAzar Files A Class Action Lawsuit

Attorneys at FDAzar filed a class-action lawsuit against Epic Games On August 8, 2019.

The lawsuit seeks financial relief on behalf of the Epic Games users nationwide.

Furthermore, it is in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of North Carolina Western Division.

Claim Against Epic Games

You may have a claim against Epic Games. Especially when you’re account was hacked. 

Because of that, you can contact FDAzar immediately. They will fight to get you the recovery you deserve.

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