Breaking Down The Chipotle Data Breach

The Chipotle data breach is a warning that you could be in danger when spending through credit cards at restaurants. What more do we know about the Chipotle data breach?

The Reveal

Chipotle Mexican Grill, the Denver-based Mexican restaurant chain, revealed the security breached on April 25, 2017.

Moreover, it outlines what you can do to protect yourself from fraudulent charges.

On its website, Chipotle said it completed an investigation. The said investigation involves leading cybersecurity firms, law enforcement, and the payment card networks.

To know more, the findings are reported in a post on the company’s website.


Of course, who wants their personal information to get stolen? No one.

No one wants to lose personal information, but consumers are not alone in this type of breach, according to Kevin Haley.

In addition, despite security breaches on credit cards, they can be easily shut down, one person stated.

Credit card companies have the ability to discover stolen cards and eventually shutting them, one person added.

“But consumers should always be watching their bills for suspicious charges,” Haley said.

If they suspect a problem, then they should call their credit card company right away. The credit card company will know what to do.

By The Numbers

The crime concerned most of its 2,250 Chipotle restaurants nationwide. This includes all seven locations of Pizza Locale, a company affiliate.

How Hackers Move

Hackers utilized malware to access customers’ payment card information at point-of-sale devices.

Furthermore, the thieves stole information contained on the magnetic stripe on the back of the payment cards.

Unfortunately, stolen information includes names, credit card numbers, expiration dates, and security codes.

What Does This Mean For You? 

Well, there may be cases that you’re paying for food on the Chipotle restaurant during the hack. If that’s the case, your payment information could potentially be used to make fraudulent purchases.

Don’t worry! Chipotle has launched a tool to help you find out which of its restaurants had data stolen. Also, the dates when you used the cards and the breach.

The After-effect

A lot of us might be nervous when using cards in restaurants. Especially when purchasing on the Chipotle restaurants, there may be doubts. Should we be worry?

According to Chipotle, you should not.

The company said it removed the malware from its system during its investigation of the breach.

What To Do After A Data Breach?

Few of the restaurant chain’s suggestions are as follows:

  • Review your payment card statements to make sure there are no suspicious transactions.
  • Review your free credit reports for any unauthorized activity. To order your annual free credit report, you can visit Or, you can call toll-free at 1-877-322-8228.
  • Then, you can also contact the Federal Trade Commission or the Attorney General’s office in your state. That is if you think you are the victim of identity theft or have considerable reasons that your personal information has been misused.

As a result, you can obtain information about steps you can take to avoid identity theft.

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