Best Digital Transformation Conferences 2020 During Covid-19

Best Digital Transformation Conferences 2020 During Covid-19 was done to address the present global condition on health and business organizations.

With the speeding up digital revolution through businesses, organizations and leaders redefine many things. Further, how Technologies, individuals, and systems work together and what needs for progress.
Here are the top activities in 2020. Moreover, which goes beyond the motto put together the experts in transformation. Further, offer perspectives into how the improvements will be incorporated at their highest level.

Best Digital Transformation Conferences


The first digital leadership summit in New Zealand hosted in 2020. This is an experience you don’t want to skip with international keynotes, local case studies, and refreshed streams compatible with DX applications.
Addressing the Case speakers: Krys Nygren, Mandy Simpson, Cat Matson, Mark Leadbetter, Laura Littlewood, Darren Sanford, Damon Pezaro, and Mike Grenfell.

The Forum on Digital Transformation

Held on 26 March 2020 in Sydney. The Conference on Digital Transformation will bring together the leading digital projects in the organization. Hence, to explore the various dimensions of digital business transformation. The agenda tackles both the transition of internal businesses and the external causes of emerging technologies. Further, the revision of the legacy, society, and people. Moreover, the shift of market models, and intervention. Furthermore, consumer engagement, and product growth during the crisis of the pandemic Covid-19.
Speakers at the event: Darren Kerry, Mary-Claire Monsalve, Matt Shaw, Ken Anand, Sue-Lin Tin, and Denise Tung.


Where: on 26 March 2020, EdinburghDT2020 discusses the fundamental mechanism of organizational transformation. Moreover, the contextualization of significant technical developments and disturbances. The conference concentrate on senior technologists and digital leaders. Besides, will have an informative peer-led atmosphere. Further, a powerful platform for information sharing, debate, and networking at a high level.
The event speaker will be Sally Lait, Carolyn Jameson, David Meikle, Ilenia Vidili, Mark Stephen, & Ray Bugg, Martyn Wallace.


They held the conference in Riga, Latvia on the 17th of April 2020.eCOM360 is an area where eCommerce, media, digital policymakers and leaders come together to discuss their problems, methods, strategies and outcomes through specific case studies.

Scott Gould was the key speaker.


The convention was in Calgary and scheduled for 27-28 of April 2020. But because of the global crisis, Covid-19, they rescheduled it for 16-17 of September 2020.
Mesh seeks to build a network and knowledge in a digital change. Further, to help companies and executives not only decide what to do but also how to do it — and how to thrive. Each takes a different interpretation of DX, and this mesh conference puts together these viewpoints, which reconsider digital companies.

Presentations of event speakers: William Barry, Maria Bot, Stewart Kirstine, Dykeman Mary, Lora Oehlberg, Tyler Chisholm, Leigh Doyle, Matthew Ingram, Chris Hogg, ALISON PIDSKALNY, & David Potter.

Digital Enterprise Show

 On May 19-21, 2020 in Madrid many delegates attended this conference.The Digital Enterprise Show is the world’s leading exhibition devoted to digital change, where the convergence of knowledge and skills is reached and the latest forms of operation, new technologies, and innovations are developed. It is an annual showcase where more than 300 major technology firms worldwide intersect with 500 of the finest digital professionals in the world and visit 26,000 people.

Ott Velsberg, Yoko Ishikur, Yuri Aguiar, Siva Vaidhyanathan, James Heighington, Silvio González, and several other speakers of events.

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