Best Digital Transformation Companies

In this article, let us know the best digital transformation companies. Since the market of digital transformation is expected to grow more.

Digital transformation has developed as the most important technique. This has been the trend with public and private firms in the last few years.

Moreover the conventional technology field is changing fast across all firm areas.

While enterprise systems are now at their ongoing stage of growth. Based on digital transformation technologies. They are increasingly starting to push creativity into business strategies. Often to show their value at any level of the organization.

List Of Best Digital Transformation Companies

Below are the best companies working in the digital transformation field.


Cognizant offers IT, system technology, consultancy, and business services.

The firm is dealing with:

  • Integration of systems
  • Management of the supply chain
  • Engineering and production Solutions
  • Analytics
  • Market Intelligence Service
  • Data storage
  • CRM
  • ERP 
  • Outsourcing R&D
  • Test Solutions

Further, Cognizant allows firms to re-engineer, recreate, execute and manage business processes. This increases customer service and improves productivity. Also, lower operating costs are required to produce clear results and top-level growth.

HP Inc.

HP is a global corporation for information technology. It offers a broad range of device modules. Including hardware and related services to the following:

  • Consumers’
  • Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs)
  • Big Enterprises
  • Health and education fields

In addition the firm specializes in the production and manufacture of computer devices. Also, data storage, network devices, and software design. Even the distribution of services and a wide variety of printers and imaging products.

Microsoft Corporation

Microsoft is also one of the world’s leading technology firms. 

The firm currently sells software products like Internet Explorer and Microsoft Windows OS. Also, Microsoft Office Suite and Edge Internet browsers. 

In addition, its top hardware products are also the Microsoft Surface range of individual touchscreen computers. As well as  Xbox video game systems.

Intel Corporation

Intel is involved in the design and manufacture of creative technologies and products. 

The firm runs on the business in six categories, namely: 

  • Customer Computing Group (CCG) 
  • Data Center Group (DCG)  
  • Internet of Things Group (IOTG)  
  • Non-Volatile Memory Solution Group (NSG)
  • IsecG (Intel Security Group) 
  • Programmable Solutions Group (PSG) 
  • New Technology Group (NTG)

Moreover, the firm’s main products include chipsets, embedded processors and microprocessors. Also, micro – controllers, flash memory, graphics, network. As well as communication, system management tools, digital imaging products and conferencing. 

Intel’s machine learning and computer recognition capabilities expand AI. To the application and gateway level, allowing companies the opportunity to do so. Ability to remember loyal customers at the shop. And even maximize inventory, or perform other smart tasks.

Google LLC

Google is among the world’s leading providers of internet-based goods and services. 

The company’s software portfolio extends from browsers to cloud computing. As well as web advertisement technologies and computer hardware and software. 

In addition to services and products, Google even focuses on technological transformation. It is either directly or via its various subsidiaries.

In conclusion, these are just the top five of many companies working in the digital transformation field. There are a lot of firms, where you can also learn from them. 

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