What are the Benefits of Digital Transformation?

Are there benefits of digital transformation? Do you want your business to go through this process but still want to know if there are real benefits?

Digital transformation has become a critical phase of a business. This means survival in this very technological age.

So, if you want to see if there are any benefits to it, let’s first define the term. Keep reading to know more.

What is Digital Transformation?

It is adopting and adapting to digital. This means transforming one’s traditional business to be digital. And the scope of it is the entire area of the business.

Then, it could be by creating new processes or changing what a company already has.

This can be changing its business processes. Or creating new ways in how they handle customer service. Or even changing the company culture in its entirety.

So, doing this is crucial so that they can deliver better service to their customers. As digital transformation starts and ends with the customers.

At the end of the day, customer satisfaction is what companies always strive for. And with the modern age today, they can achieve this with technology on their side.

But, what are its benefits? Can companies expect a good turnout once they adopt digital transformation?

Benefits of Digital Transformation

Better Customer Experience

With digital transformation, customer experience can transform. And it can be for the better.

Because everyone is so obsessed with the latest tech, many people want an easier life. So, that’s why social media and apps are around to give that to them. And it’s booming.

Also, a lot of customers nowadays have sky-high expectations.

And because of that, they want instant solutions to their problems. And they need it in a-blink-of-an-eye fast, if possible.

Thus, adapting to digital transformation helps companies give that to their customers. And many companies know this. In fact, about 92% of them developing ways to improve customer experience.

Better Data Collection

With digital transformation, there is less need in collecting loads and loads of data. This can be data about customers, about the business, and pretty much anything else.

Then, with this, it’s much easier to analyze the collected data and use this to improve business.

These data can be gathered, analyzed, and then transform into ideas for improvement. This can be about:

  • customer journey
  • operations
  • production
  • finance
  • business opportunities

Better Profits

Adapting digital transformation can lead to better profits. That’s because the company has improved efficiency.

Also, based on one survey, 80% of companies said they have improved profits. This is after their digital transformation. And around 85% said their market share increased.

Better Resource Management

It’s all easy to manage a company’s resources once they adapted digital transformation. This is because all the company’s resources are put into one place.

This possible by integrating apps, databases, and software into a central place. So, this leads to efficiency and control.

Encourages Digital Culture

After the digital transformation, companies can give team members the right tools needed. By doing this, they encourage a digital culture within the company.

Thus, making it easier to make collaborations. At the same time upskilling their team members.


There are more benefits of digital transformation and we can’t talk about all. But, all this sounds nice, right? Are you ready for the change?

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