Automator Safari, Clicking On A Website With Apple Script

Automator Safari, Clicking On A Website With Apple Script are ways to find the essentials we look for on the internet for our everyday convenience.

There are many ways to render a press of a button in Safari for Apple’s script. What form you select depends on the way you deal with the web page code.

Find out which way to use …You must first open a browser such as Firefox or Chrome. This is the simplest thing to do when attempting to review multiple items on a web page. In this scenario, we’ll look at a Google spore search. Our purpose is to press “More” on the menu.
Using Chrome, right-click on the element to use the apple script.

Click on an ID HTML item

Code for the feature by ID to be found and then click on Paste it at the top of your AppleScript folder first. Now, you can paste this in some section of the code if you want to click on something on a web page, you can add the ‘More’ button on Google.

Click on a Name feature

Let’s say nothing says ‘I,’ the next best thing is finding something that says ‘name.’ We would like to press Google’s search button for this example. Just like before, we figure out what to do next, let’s investigate the feature!
You can now paste this in your code somewhere that you wish to click on something on a web page, such as the search button on Google.

Now it typically works, particularly if the page has just one name=”btnG, “but you’ll have to do a little more work if you have several things with name=”btnG”

You may have found that this code has a bit more than the previous clickID comment, clickName(“btnG”,0). This is because only 1 individual element with 1 special ID can be viewed on a web page. This allows the recognition of elements with ids. If an entity needs to be defined by name or class we need to define the instance we’re addressing on the list.

For instance, 10 search buttons could be put on the tab, and all could be named = “btnG” inside. We need to say Applescript which feature we would like to click on under the name “btnG.”

Click an Element by Class

Take the example above to press again on the search button …See < button class=”gbqfb “here ……This “gbqfb” class can be adopted and now added for the element by class click in our slightly changed code.

Instead of “getElementsByName,” we’re using “goElementsByClassName” in this situation, and the key distinction here is “document.getElementsByClassName.”

Automator Safari, Click by Tag Name

Let’s say, the worse case is something you could click on and you can’t use something within the code! For instance, if the code reads.Search < button >The only thing we need to recognize is what we need to click here, the Tag.

However, the following somewhat changed code is used to click on the tag as above for name and class.

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