Automation Tool Comparison: Winautomation vs. Automation Anywhere

Winautomation and Automation Anywhere

Winautomation and Automation Anywhere are both great tools. There are several great automation tools out there, and we’ve tried most of them.

I’m sharing my thoughts on Winautomation vs. Automation Anywhere below.

I think it’s wrong to compare the two tools like a typical marketing article comparing “who’s better” between Google and Bing.

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Honestly, both tools are great at doing what they do. The difference is in how they solve the problem. So I recommend you try both and see which one fits your needs better.

Winautomation vs. Automation Anywhere Pricing Comparison

This is where Winautomation has the advantage. Winautomation offers a free plan as well as paid plans – that are quite affordable. The free plan gives you unlimited tests, but only one test per minute (which is still plenty for most users). Plus, the free account comes with a pre-built library of web automation scripts that you can use right away. You can upgrade to higher plans if you need more than the free plan offers.

Automation Anywhere does not offer a free tier, but their pricing scales from $49/month and up. If you start with Automation, expect to pay $99/month if you want to do more than just basic automation tests (e.g., in-app navigation testing). 

Like Winautomation, Automation Anywhere also comes with a pre-built library of web automation scripts that can be used right away. However, their library is not as big as this tool, so it may take longer for you to come up with similar workflows.

Winautomation vs. Automation Anywhere Features Comparison

Both tools have some unique features that I like, so I’m going to list some of them here:

Winautomation: Accessibility Testing

 This feature allows you to test your page or website for accessibility issues such as color contrast, keyboard navigation, and alt text, among others. Many people know that these things are important but often forget about them when building their Web apps or websites. This feature has been very handy when doing accessibility testing on browser-based Web apps and websites we’ve built over the years.

Page Object Model (POM): Both of these automation tools do use by big Fortune 500 companies. 

The most notable difference is that Winautomation uses Selenium WebDriver while Automation Anywhere uses its proprietary script engine. Both of these tools have an impressive array of features and capabilities. Some of the major differences between these two tools are:


  • FREE trial
  • Cloud-based tool (so you can use it from anywhere)
  • Selenium WebDriver script support
  • Supports many different programming languages (Python, Java, C#, Ruby, PHP, etc.)

Automation Anywhere:

  • FREE trial

On-premise tool (if you want to use it inside your network)

A proprietary script engine provides a universal language for all automation tasks. It helps with portability and makes moving scripts between different environments easier. 

You don’t need to worry about having a different version of Selenium WebDriver for each browser.

Since it’s proprietary, you can’t use it in open source tools that use Selenium WebDriver. But since everyone using Automation Anywhere is using that script engine, it makes sharing scripts much easier than if each person or team were using their copy of Selenium WebDriver.

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