Automation: How To Make Automator Workflow Run Automatically?

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In this example, we will create a workflow that sends an email to someone who has a birthday in our address book. To do this, a new workflow manual needs to develop.

We need different activities to construct our workflow by opening our blank canvas. Three acts will take place in this example:

Collect a list of those who commemorate an anniversary today. Moreover, it uses the Address Book.

  • Develop an email “Felicitous Birthday
  • Give the emails

Let interject a principle here before we move on with the Automator that you need to understand. It always starts with action when you run your workflow.

How to Schedule Automator Tasks in Mac OS X?

Action can take place as operations are processed. When you build the workflows, it is important to note that you can have some weird results if you have activities in the wrong way.

You can automate the process with Automator and use iCal to prepare when you want the task to work if you have been executing a task manually on your Mac over and through.

Apple provides a free copy of the all-new operating system Macs running OS X. The library of Automator offers a range of measures to automate work with records, files and directories, email, audio, pictures, and more.

Apple’s calendar program iCal now supports all new Macs.

Begin Automator And Creating a Task

On your Mac Dock, click on “Applications.” Then to run Apple’s native process automation software, press “Automator.” The window Automator seen. To create a new empty Automator Program Window, press “Application.” In the left panel of the Automator window, a list of actions appeared in the library.

Drag the activity name into the key Automator window from the Automator library. For example, you can drag a sequence of actions to create a task that selects and copies a particular folder on your Mac hard drive or produces thumbnails from recent images in your Photos folder.

Save the Automator Task

To save the file, press “File” from the Automator menu and enter a name to your Automator program that you just made. On the Dock of your Mac, click on “Applications.”

To run the native Apple calendar program, press “iCal.” To pick it, click on a day on the calendar.

Add Automator Action to iCal

From the iCal menu, press “File.” Tap on “New Event.” On the date you have chosen, a new event occurs. Click the “Repeat” button and click on “Alarm” and then the “Open Files” option, for example, “Open File,” Every day, “Every Week or Every Month.”

To save the Automator program for the job you just made, select “Other and click on the folder on your Mac. Select “Pick” and “Donate” to name the Automator mission.

The Automator role you have chosen now runs as per your iCal plan.

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