Automated Questionnaires And The Need To Pick One

Automated questionnaires and online survey software first began in the late 1990s. These traditional tools included a long list of questions. Furthermore, those questions answered by anonymous people can only be accessed by a PC.

The Never-Ending Popularity of Automated Questionnaires

Yet, technology continues to make a huge improvement since the 1990s. And so are the automated questionnaires. Even decades have passed since it first surfaced, these online survey tools are still a hit. They contribute big to online marketers.

Furthermore, online surveys made contact with a targeted audience easier. Moreover, customers can easily give their feedback. This gives business leaders insight on what to improve on their service. 

Other reasons why several businesses send out online surveys include:

  • Getting feedback on customer service
  • For market research
  • Tracing product feedback 
  • Measuring customer and employee satisfaction

How To Choose The Right Automated Questionnaires Tool

Many of these tools seem to offer the same features. That makes picking the right tool tricky. But, paid versions offer more unique features than paid features. Paid versions offer added features such as:

  • Export data – paid version allows you to export your survey data
  • Survey logic – paid tools provide the option of adding a follow-up question. These questions are based on the responder’s previous answers
  • Custom logo – having your log at the survey gives it a stronger impact. Paid versions offer such features. Otherwise, free versions usually put their app logo as a watermark
  • More question types – although free versions offer tons of question types, paid versions to offer even more

Best Online Survey Tools For You

The market offers a lot of online survey tools. We’ve narrowed it down for you to make your choice easier.


Typeform offers a very friendly user-interface. Moreover, this tool allows users to put surveys together themselves. The process of filing in a survey is easy for respondents. Their plan offers free features such as:

  • Unlimited questions and answers
  • Data export
  • Custom-designed themes 
  • Readily-made templates
  • Basic reporting features


Previously known as PollDaddy, CrowdSignal allows users to conduct surveys in two different ways:

  • Embedding surveys on their website
  • Inviting respondents via email

Furthermore, CrowdSignal offers raw data export features. This allows businesses to create filters in analyzing data and sharing them with reports. Additionally, all of the survey results can be viewed in real-time.

Google Forms

This is one of the most commonly used automated questionnaires tool. Google offers this tool for free. The drag and drop interface allows users to put together surveys easily. Furthermore, these surveys can be entirely customized. Moreover, this tool lets you view real-time response data. Google Forms allows data to be connected with other Google products.


This tool allows users to create easy and accessible surveys. Furthermore, these surveys usually appear at the bottom of your screen as a widget. Thus, it lessens distractions from your screen. Qualaroo also allows users to conduct quick polls by asking short and simple questions. It also includes a question library that can be used to form the basis for your survey questions.

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