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ICS Cybersecurity

ICS Cybersecurity. Industrial Control Systems. When we hear of this familiar world, we think of the business. Also, we think of marketing.  But, there is also one important factor if you want to have a successful business. What is it? That will be the inner foundation of your company.  One of them is cybersecurity. But …

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vendor risk assessment template

The Growing Need For A Vendor Risk Assessment Template

Indeed, a vendor risk assessment template is more important than ever. Technology is like a fire. It made our lives much easier. However, that very fire can burn a business into the ground. Many companies enter a digital relationship with third-party vendors. These vendors increased the opportunity for growth. Yet, they also increase opportunities for cyberattacks. …

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IEEE Cybersecurity

IEEE Cybersecurity. There are a lot of professionals that provide cybersecurity services. But, some programs were launched some years ago. Since 2014, a company already developed a program that helps to protect your computer from the virus. So, this calls for a good name. Staying long in an industry means that it is of good …

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SIM Cybersecurity

SIM Cybersecurity.  If you are living in Houston, you may know this community. It is especially true when you are interested in information technology things.  When you met a leader or an expert, you will learn a lot. But, you will gain more knowledge if you come to know more leaders.  In Houston, there are …

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