Hazel Mac: How To Use Hazel To Save Time And Auto Mac?

Hazel Mac can boost your automation right away, saving time and more production. Check out this post to find out more.

Hazel Mac: How To Use Hazel To Save Time And Auto Mac?

If we do an internal Asian Productivity team survey or ask our dojo group to generate their preferred Mac applications, Hazel is still at the top of the list.

It’s one of our most critical apps to free up time, remove problematic manual tasks, and enhance the macOS experience. It was still in the top 10 of our list of Important Mac Applications last year.

What Is Hazel?

The obvious question, now hyped, is What the bump is Hazel?” Noodlesoft, Hazel’s developers, explains it as The Mac Automated Organization,” and that’s an outstanding motto.

What they must say about it: What they must say about it:

Hazel automatically organizes your files according to your generated rules, whatever directories you tell it to. Have Hazel moving files based on name, date, form, where, and more. Sort your movies automatically or file your accounts. Maintain and position your files off the Desktop.

In essence, you instruct Hazel how to handle a folder (or several folders), set some rules by which Hazel wants it to watch, and take some action if anything happens on this folder, which meets one of your limitations.

You only have to grasp simple logic if you choose to use the software correctly.


For example, as Hazel calls them, you can set rules as follows:

If the file has not access in two weeks, it is now transferred into the bash folder if the downloads folder is larger than 1GB.

Moreover, if an “invoice” file name use, color it Verde and copy it in the folder Finance.

If the desktop file was not started in the last 24 hours, pass it to a folder named “Desktop To Check.”

  • Rename it and transfer it to a certain folder if the screenshot file store on your Desktop.
  • Import your photo archive seamlessly of copied images and videos.
  • Import the Calendar to a downloaded.ICS file.

If a PDF that is your American Express bill has downloaded, rename it and file it in the right place. Thus, check your Task Manager for a task then to remind you to pay.

In too many respects, you have defined laws. It could be quick or you might do a lot of stuff and behaviors. Property can be as complicated as you like.

You can also run Hazel shell or Applescripts, so it’s almost unlimited what you can do with your files. Don’t panic if you don’t know what this means.

Moreover, it is because Hazel does not need programming. It can learn by everyone.

What About Hazel For Windows?

Hazel is a Mac program, and the Windows version is not available. Alternatives exist if you use Windows. File Juggler is a common instrument that can do many of Hazel’s things. In Windows with File Juggler, you should be able to do all of the activities mentioned here.


How To Combine PDFS Mac In The Next Normal?

CIO must know the answer to a question like How To Combine PDFS Mac In The Next Normal. Check out this post to find out more. 

How To Combine PDFS Mac In The Next Normal?

It cannot be easy to work with PDFs, particularly if you want to integrate many papers. You may be building a portfolio, or you may want to reduce file humiliation.

Regardless of why, keeping certain records straight lines can be frustrating, but it is often difficult to see how to tie them all together.

Adobe Acrobat is one of the most common apps to merge PDFs, but it will cost you at least $13 a month to subscribe.

Fortunately, there are a couple more ways in which you can freely merge PDFs, whichever device you have.

How to combine PDFs on Windows?

You would require a third-party program if you use Windows to help merge PDFs. In PDF Merger&Splitter by AnywaySoft, a few of us checked and found a good alternative.

Choose either Merge or Break to open the app. If only two records must combine without altering the sequence of pages, select Merge.

To combine all of your files, press Add PDFs. You may either move or down them or sort them by name. You may also preview the looks of the fused papers.

Hit Merge and name and transfer the new merged PDF as soon as your documents are in order.

You have to detach them first if you are interested in adapting the merger a little further, such as adjusting the page’s series or inserting only sections of each PDF. Pick Break if the software opens for this reason. Choose which pages or page sets to choose from. You can store them either as a single PDF or as available PDFs.

How to combine PDFs on Mac

On Mac, according to Apple Support, you can merge PDFs with an optimized tool from Preview.

It is how two PDFs can combine:

  • In Preview, open a PDF.
  • Go to View > Browsers. In the sidebar, you’re going to have thumbnails.
  • For a page to insert the remaining text, select the thumbnail.
  • Press Edit > Insert > File Page (if the list of a file’s page is dim, you can’t click it, make sure the file you are getting open is PDF-based. Apple is claiming that certain encrypted PDF documents cannot combine with. Pick the tools > Display Inspector and then click the lock icon to check PDf permissions.
  • Choose the PDF to add, click Open.
  • Pick File > Save PDF export.

And here is how portions of a PDF and another PDF can combine:

To merge in Preview, open the PDFs you would like.

Select View > Thumbnails in each folder. In the sidebar, you’re going to have thumbnails.

Click the Command key, keep it and pick the page thumbnails to the other text.

CIO Role CIO Skills

Mac Apps For CIO: How To Install Software On Mac Using Terminal?

A question like How To Install Software On Mac Using Terminal is rooming around for awhile now. Check out this post to find out more. 

Mac Apps For CIO: How To Install Software On Mac Using Terminal?

Were you aware of Mac applications installed in Terminal? Here’s how to build Mac software quickly with Homebrew.

After a new Mac from scratch or reloading, MacOS does install it is a daunting challenge to mount a dozen or so programs. It would be a problem to visit all the relevant websites and set the applications to meet your needs.

With a package manager, you can solve this dilemma. Homebrew is a macOS package manager that makes it simple to install free Unix software and GUI apps. This post teaches you how to mount Homebrew software and keep them up-to-date.

What Is Homebrew?

A free and open-source package manager helps you install command-line tools and GUI programs quickly on macOS. You can scan, install or uninstall free Unix tools with one single instruction.

When Xcode does install, Command Line Utilities need not install as the package bake into Xcode. But if not, just for Homebrew, you don’t have to update Xcode.

Following download, XCode uses nearly 10GB of disk space. The installation of command-line tools (roughly 150MB) will get the task done if you start using the commands.

Step 1: Install Line Tools

Press Cmd + Space to start Spotlight and check for Terminal to install Command line software. Then kind:

Select Xcode —install Select

The command “Xcode-select” includes software for the development command line. When type a popup, a message show, you want this software to install now? To continue with the update, press the Build button.

It would show an error message in my case because the kit already installed.

Step 2: Install Homebrew

Copy the following command to the Terminal to install Homebrew:

/usr/bin/ruby -e “User/Homebrew/install/master/install” /usr/bin/ruby -e

You’ll see some lines on what the script will install and where when you paste this command. To proceed or to cancel some other key, press Return again.

Then type a password for the administrator to launch the install. Depending on the speed of the Mac and Internet access, installation takes a bit of time.

When you finish, you will see a good message on the installation.

Step 3: Verify The Homebrew Installation

Invoke this order to search for any errors on the homebrew installation:

Braw Physician

It would help if you easily ignored warning notices, but you can look at common problems that might damage the Homebrew installation. If your copy of the macOS and the command line tools/Xcode is up to date, you will typically not see any mistakes.

Before you install Homebrew, you can check for changes in the App Store.

Installing Popular Unix Tools With Homebrew

Homebrew being a package manager, automatically load, upgrade and delete programs from the system during the whole process. It compiles and manages all of the dependencies.

One app may depend on two others, for instance, to run correctly. Homebrew can install and customize these programs to work with the requested program without any complications rather than running them yourself.


Automation: How To Make Automator Workflow Run Automatically?

CIO leaders must able to answers questions like How To Make Automator Workflow Run Automatically. Check out the post to find out more. 

Automation: How To Make Automator Workflow Run Automatically?

In this example, we will create a workflow that sends an email to someone who has a birthday in our address book. To do this, a new workflow manual needs to develop.

We need different activities to construct our workflow by opening our blank canvas. Three acts will take place in this example:

Collect a list of those who commemorate an anniversary today. Moreover, it uses the Address Book.

  • Develop an email “Felicitous Birthday
  • Give the emails

Let interject a principle here before we move on with the Automator that you need to understand. It always starts with action when you run your workflow.

How to Schedule Automator Tasks in Mac OS X?

Action can take place as operations are processed. When you build the workflows, it is important to note that you can have some weird results if you have activities in the wrong way.

You can automate the process with Automator and use iCal to prepare when you want the task to work if you have been executing a task manually on your Mac over and through.

Apple provides a free copy of the all-new operating system Macs running OS X. The library of Automator offers a range of measures to automate work with records, files and directories, email, audio, pictures, and more.

Apple’s calendar program iCal now supports all new Macs.

Begin Automator And Creating a Task

On your Mac Dock, click on “Applications.” Then to run Apple’s native process automation software, press “Automator.” The window Automator seen. To create a new empty Automator Program Window, press “Application.” In the left panel of the Automator window, a list of actions appeared in the library.

Drag the activity name into the key Automator window from the Automator library. For example, you can drag a sequence of actions to create a task that selects and copies a particular folder on your Mac hard drive or produces thumbnails from recent images in your Photos folder.

Save the Automator Task

To save the file, press “File” from the Automator menu and enter a name to your Automator program that you just made. On the Dock of your Mac, click on “Applications.”

To run the native Apple calendar program, press “iCal.” To pick it, click on a day on the calendar.

Add Automator Action to iCal

From the iCal menu, press “File.” Tap on “New Event.” On the date you have chosen, a new event occurs. Click the “Repeat” button and click on “Alarm” and then the “Open Files” option, for example, “Open File,” Every day, “Every Week or Every Month.”

To save the Automator program for the job you just made, select “Other and click on the folder on your Mac. Select “Pick” and “Donate” to name the Automator mission.

The Automator role you have chosen now runs as per your iCal plan.


IBM RPA: How to Start with Extreme Automation?

IBM RPA comes with tons of tips that help you better understand and boost your automation process. Check out this post to find out more. 

IBM RPA: How to Start with Extreme Automation?

Horses for Sources (HfS), in a qualitative analysis of businesses and their increasing automation needs. Also, it is which will soon be written, summarised this well.

This outlook represents a corporate trend to create new ways of operating remotely. It also solves organizational gaps easily as it is required to think creatively to satisfy consumers’ and staff’s demands. One of the principal approaches to these ends is intense automation. It is the same thing when you name it extreme automation, hyper-automation, smart automation, and above all, automation.

The use of RPA and artificial intelligence in tandem with the fundamental technology of automation. It covers workflows, decisions, and the management of content. Virtually any form of job on a scale must be digitized and automated.

Whether to accelerate time to value the high-level market needs for automation has not improved.

Furthermore, it involves getting more for fewer or having robust clients and staff. The methods for realizing the pledge of extreme automation are evolving.

RPA is one of the emerging instruments. Furthermore, it then adds AI and other automation skills to expand acceptance through simple task automation.

RPA tools Vs. Automation 

A great many RPA pilot firms have been working on automating repetitive procedures. Moreover, it comes with little progress before COVID-19 in low-profile back-office operations.

The need for basic process automation to shift to scaled automation – or extreme automation. Also, it could manage customers’ and revenue-producing procedures with a higher profile is now recent.

It remains a struggle to work out how to extend beyond these pilots or small ventures. Here are the methods of AI-powered RPA.

Instead, automation and AI implement in islands for legacy organizational models. Instead. It requires speeding in bulky processes, a minimal number of basic tasks.

Thanks to the combination of RPA and AI apps, you can switch from pivoting and repetitive task management to smart straight-through processing.

It is where intelligent employee bots are dumped into the processes and applications to operate with or with) staff. It also finds some of them to be unattended to understand, adapt, and behave.

IBM grows automation

IBM has continued to improve its core services for hybrid platform cloud Cloud Pak, this week to increase automation and data functionality. Also, it will make it simpler for customers to provide applications. Moreover, it patches for analysis and exploration of results.

IBM Cloud Paks Red Hat’s OpenShift container platform packages built on Cabernet, Red Hat Linux, and a wide range of connecting technologies. It allow businesses to deploy and manage containers on their private or public infrastructure option.

This includes AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, and Alibaba. Moreover, RPA support uses automatic bots to produce input from multiple sources to help easily identify new workflows.

The interface contains the automation process and decision-making tools, IBM said.


CIO And RPA: Is Robotic Process Automation AI?

As a CIO, you must have the right answer for a question like Is Robotic Process Automation AI. Check out this post to find out more. 

CIO And RPA: Is Robotic Process Automation AI?

CTOs also ask for a solution for RPA and robotic process automation. Inherited systems do use repeated tasks to a wide degree for much of their business operations.

So how can automation obtain better results for customers?? Internal personnel can assess operating performance and cost benefits. It is also possible for CIOs to explicitly enforce those guidelines.

Organizations must make individual decision-making within a split second to meet modern customer demands. It doesn’t have to be difficult to keep consumer connections current, meaningful, and easy regardless of what is next.

The right technology for automating and perfect operational excellence is available. Firstly, CIOs and CTOs must ready their programs for this.

Improve overall satisfaction with automation

The emphasis on the series of steps that make up a service is important for reducing customer service delivery speed without sacrificing effectiveness or efficiency. To do this, organizations should reinforce any initiative and search out holes that can raise friction on the client’s path.

RPA bots will ensure that important information is still present when used strategically in customer service processes.

It also happens independently of the medium on which the contact occurs. RPA links the complete path by transferring data seamlessly from one source to another.

It crosses holes and eradicates many hurdles between applications and data integration. It also avoids that they more efficiently represent consumers.

The RPA case management, for example, helps accelerate operations. Moreover, it eliminates agent manual labor.

Copying and pasting of information over networks also include. Besides, while speeding up service, this reduces the chance of expensive mistakes.

In comparison, agents can travel quicker through all transactions. Thus, it results in faster, more precise resolutions and shorter waiting times for everybody.

Besides, workers are free to perform important activities that extend the extra mile. This is for consumers with robotic process automation.

Enable customer success across all channels

The planet became more technologically linked than it was before. Businesses must also equip to satisfy consumer needs at all points of interaction.

The experience should be clear, whether on the Online Chat, the company’s website, the Messenger Facebook, the mobile app, Apple Business Chat (iMessage), WhatsApp, or SMS.

RPAs and robotic process management take channeled communications a step further. It continues by encouraging consumers, with their experiences. It is to travel from one point of contact to another in a completely intact manner.

By moving and reviewing information through networks, companies will always have a comprehensive client history. It happens rather than scattered data gathered by siloed phone contacts, emails, and applications. This way, clients get the best result for them irrespective of the way they contact their firm.

This degree of automation also helps workers on one user interface to manage several experiences. It happens by linking each channel automatically and with all the information in front of it.

Agents will thereby dramatically decrease resolution time and customer care costs.


Artificial Intelligence vs. Automation In The Next Normal: Is RPA AI?

CIO must have the right answer for questions like Is RPA AI. Check out this post to find out more. 

Artificial Intelligence vs. Automation In The Next Normal: Is RPA AI?

Automation also confuses AI, but the two are radically distinct. Moreover, process has been around for a while and has probably so embedded in most market practices that it is not evident.

The automation of e-mails and SMS for consumers and even consumer details for defined dates, for example.

Automation reduces time and resources for single large tasks and encourages workers to apply to more complicated systems.

‘Intelligence in artificial form is about technology, systems, or even processes that capably imitate the decision-making, the reaction to new knowledge, the speaking, the hearing, and the comprehension of human beings’ language.

Machine learning allows computer learning algorithms and processes to recognize patterns and recommend decisions without human intervention.

Deep Learning

‘Deep learning is described as an artificial neural network part of machine learning. Besides, it involves algorithms designed around the human brain’s neural structure. Also, it learns from the input.

The same manner in which people learn over time from daily activities. It is also a profound learning algorithm that performs functions and constantly trains to maximize precision.

Also, call them profound learning algorithms because neural networks have different types. It is deep layers that allow complex patterns to learned in large amounts of data.’

Mark used DeepFace as an example of the Facebook Face Recognition software. ‘Facebook uses profound expertise to evaluate any picture user ever tagged to my face, a prototype.

The algorithm does the same with millions of other Facebook users, depending on its specific functionality.

Let’s assume that a person on Facebook with a group of people will bring a picture of myself into a table, and they will propose that tag in case the model is sure that it is me on a chance scoring basis.’

In comparison, the statistics for humans are 96 percent compared.

Is AI replacing human jobs?

Instead, it projects that AI will produce some 2.3 million prospects by 2020. Behind each initiative, there will be a pool of creative individuals,” Mark says.

Any program needs to power by a machine learning team. For instance, Uber generated a wide variety of jobs that allow machines to understand consumer demand, traffic, and security.”

There is tremendous hope for employment in the future – what it needs is the ability to work side by side with robots.’

A Movement Alone, A Force Together

RPA and AI technologies are excellent ways to streamline business operations automation and rely on a platform. When AI integrates into RPA, the automation process will start even more easily, providing a continuum of automation.

A truly autonomous procedure may produce a more cognitive response. Also, it then communicated directly to the RPA device. This continuum of automation would lead to even faster development.

Regarding situations, the waiting period for a consumer inquiry does give during non-business hours can shorten almost as quickly.


iWork Automation Tips: Use AppleScript To Automate Tasks

iWork Automation has what it takes to boost your automation capabilities in no time. Check out this post to find out more. 

iWork Automation Tips: Use AppleScript To Automate Tasks

To maximize efficiency and reduce errors, use AppleScript to automate basic tasks in iWork for Mac applications. Moreover, in iWork support for Mac applications, support for AppleScript has been enhanced in the 3.1 and later, in the 5.2 and later pages, and the 6.2 and subsequent keynote numbers.

The AppleScript dictionary includes the articles, numbers, and keynotes AppleScript commands. To view the diagram:

In Applications > Providers, open the AppleScript Editor.

Open Dictionary. Pick the text.

Sites, figures, or keynote have to choose. Select Pick. Click Select. Also, you need to pick the right version from the list if you have an earlier version of the program enabled.

Additional information

More details on AppleScript is available on third-party websites in iWork for Mac applications. The Mac OS X Automation and iWork Automation do include.

It will help if you read the mail merge section on the iWork Automation website for specifics of merging the mail using AppleScript in Pages 5.5 and later, or numbers 3.5 and later.

iWork Automation Is a Massive Collection of iWork AppleScripts

AppleScript is an easy way to simplify everything on your Mac, even Apple’s iWork, its productivity package. Thus, iWork Automation is a platform demonstrating how you can exploit AppleScript assistance.

In new versions of programs, iWork Automation lets you read about all new AppleScript dictionaries and what you can do with them. The AppleScript can be picked from there from the web and used instantly. F

Or for example, here are one that shows you how to build, email, or export encrypted PDF files to many different formats. If you want to get a bit more Apples’ productivity suite features, iWork Automation is a great starting point.

Apple’s new Mac iWork apps: A big step back in workflow automation

Tuesday night, Apple posted Mac-Pages, Keynotes, and Numbers updates for its iWork applications. New launches of iWork applications feature new updates at Apple’s iPad and Mac case in San Francisco.

In comparison, the iCloud integration and its iOS equivalents are more robust than any other file format. Clark Goble says some essential sections are lacking for the Clark Tech Blog users interested in process automation.

The method has many scripts — several challenging hacks to get over the borders of the Applescript dictionaries and pages of Numbers.

It is bad news. Now do not go to work. Support for Applescript is gone effectively. There’s not even a dictionary of numbers. And almost all omitted from Pages.

AppleScript Support Went From Bad To WOn Tuesday, and experts pointed to the full rewriting of new iWork software from four-year-old models replaced. Therefore, many are hesitant to characterize AppleScript’s relative absence as removal as a loss.

If this is a gradual update to the codebase, it would be very necessary to delete it. It is not, though.

The new applications for iWork are entirely new. Yet completely separate in other ways. What attracted Goble’s attention was the lack of most AppleScript features before it.

It’s not the only improvement, though.

And as Goble points out, iWork applications were not yet a bright paragon of the virtue of AppleScript. iWork applications are not the only Apple-made products that have minimal support for automation.

Apple is a little lousy and unreliable eater with its dog food in harmony when it comes to AppleScript. Many will never understand why.


Keyboard Express For Mac Overview In The Next Normal

Keyboard Express For Mac is more useful for CISO that are MAC users than ever before. Check out this post to find out more. 

Keyboard Express For Mac Overview In The Next Normal

To be more efficient on the computer, anything that you do repetitively quickly becomes boring and non-productive. Thus, if you find yourself typing the same things over and over, set up macros to do it.

Just type a short key abbreviation, and you’re done.

Moreover, you can easily insert symbols and characters not found on a standard keyboard or insert a timestamp if you open the same files

each day let keyboard Express do it.

It will even place the windows on the screen where you want them. Instead of clicking here, then there, and again to open a program menu, press a hotkey. To do it, set up copy and paste routines from one application to another as in this very basic example open webpages

with a keypress or easily perform a web search.

They use keyboard Express to automate practically anything you do on the computer. You’ll wonder why you haven’t done it sooner.

Benefits of Cybersecurity Training

For every team in every company, training has always been a vital phase. It helps to make sure all the workers are on the same page.

It also has the expertise and skills it requires to achieve its work successfully. The required teams must have the right form of preparation.

You know that your efforts did correctly use and that they produce the best possible outcomes. You could also be reluctant to provide cybersecurity training for the entire staff initially. Doesn’t the IT team do that after all?

It’s not as it turns out. The largest challenge to cybersecurity did show by human error, and it can come from any corner of your organization.

Increased Security

First of all, cybersecurity preparation makes your business better. When the staff is aware of the various risks, they will not make easy errors that jeopardize the company’s security.

A moment could require if the teams are uninformed about the hackers’ capabilities. Much may come with using a public Wi-Fi network, such as an employee reviewing their email on a mobile phone.

A hack is even less possible because everybody in the organization takes the same security precautions.

Time and Money Saved

Your squad is also a smart investment in cybersecurity preparation. Data abuses and related threats estimate at an average expense of about 400 billion dollars.

A single attack could cost a company 15.4 million dollars in the United States. Therefore, whether it avoids even a single assault, it is worth the expense of outstanding cybersecurity instruction.

And of course, the same applies to saving time. In the case of an attack, your team will expend all of the efforts to fill the troughs and fix the losses.

This time will spend even more time working out other company functions. However, data security preparation will deter this scramble.

Empowering Your Workforce

You don’t expect the team to devise what they do. If you know the way an email appears, the fraudulent message is less likely to open.

You’re going to give it to the garbage can instead. This confidence is critical.

With staff encouraged to focus on and be mindful of the threats, human errors that could create a catastrophic breach may become less likely.



Keyboard Maestro Macros: Full Collection of Keyboard Maestro Macros

Keyboard Maestro Macros plays a huge part in Mac Users in the Next Normal. Check out this post to find out more. 

Keyboard Maestro Macros: Full Collection of Keyboard Maestro Macros

Keyboard Maestro is a special system-wide MacOS software that helps one to configure and own our computer. To configure our Macs, you don’t need a programming degree.

It uses a variety of movements to simulate some contact with the keys or the mouse.

Many users chose to personalize their Mac to reduce friction while using my Mac. Simplifying multi-step systems will discharge certain things they usually will need to perform manually.

The main cause of my return from an iPad-based lifestyle to a multi-device way that they will share my time between MacOS and iPadOS equally. Keyboard Maestro is the most important factor.

Some macros or shortcuts are not developed by many. Yet you use it a lot when building a macro.

There’s not a lot of macros to collect. It’s about adapting my apps to my style of work.

Certain users will feel that an app doesn’t do exactly what they expect. Moreover, with a role request, they could send an email to Customer Support. Or they can take it into my own hands and create a macro that illustrates how the app appears to be behaving.

Arrange My App Windows Easily And Perform a repeated action

Often you want to organize my windows every time completely. Many have a macro that opens my vision on the left of OmniFocus “Today” and the right of Fantastical’s Day.

The fact that you see my left Sidebar, description, and the right-hand inspector may confuse OmniFocus.

In “planning” modes, you also find this view helpful only. You can use the sidebar and inspector panels to tinker with all the work details.

But when they are in “play” mode, it’s very distractive. After a plan session has finished, a keyboard shortcut does add to move from the “detailed view to the “simplified view.

In this simplistic view, consumers see OmniFocus and know they’re in action mode.

This image recalls the streamlined vision of Things 3. You can work here easily, and you don’t have to tinker with job attributes.

Create a Guided Checklist

It would help if you created a driven checklist of instructions that remind me of a long workflow next step. It involves the Mind Sweep, for example.

Moreover, they took the GTD plot and turned it into a Maestro Macro keyboard. The procedures are rather clear. Show instructions promptly.

Open the accompanying program (calendar, CRM, task manager, notes) to sweep your mind. Users are progressing to the next level when they press Next.

Perform a repeated action

A ton enjoys the mission perspective of Things 3. OmniFocus can be overwhelming when people see their Sidebar, contour, and inspector on the page’s left side.

Also, this view is only useful if you are in the “planning” mode. With the Sidebar and the inspector panels open, users can tinker with all my job details. ‘

However, when that is in “service,” it is very annoying. When my preparation session is complete, they will touch a keyboard shortcut to switch between a ‘detailed view and a ‘facilitated’ view.