Analytics Digital Transformation: Three Steps To Success

Analytics digital transformation changes how technology affects a business. From technology that helps a business to technology being the business.

In this article, we will learn the three practical ways that help an organization. So, they can be successful in their digital transformations.

Digital Transformation

As an introduction, let us consider two examples: Netflix and Blockbuster.

Netflix started as a DVD delivery service in 1997. Then, it transformed into a streaming giant in 2007. Now, we can see how popular Netflix is.

On the other hand, Blockbuster is Netflix’s former competitor. What happened to them?

Blockbuster also tried to adapt to digital transformation. But, they couldn’t overcome its physical store heritage.

So, why do others fail while others succeed?

Analytics Digital Transformation

It is hard to know one reason that gives success and failure. Usually, it is a constellation of reasons. Yet, it varies on how an organization deals with these problems.

Digital transformation in general means change. And the heart of this change is data.

So, this data will help companies know how to meet their customers’ needs and wants. Thus, it improves how companies give services.

Also, the result of data is analytics. It uses algorithms to find patterns. Which gives you answers to the following:

  1. why something happened
  2. predict future outcomes

But, how can companies do this?

Digital Transformation, How?

Companies pursue digital transformation. Why? There are two top reasons:

  1. make their operations efficient
  2. create new sources of sales

So, how can companies transform? Also, how can they make a meaningful transformation?

Let us consider three ways.

Acknowledge the importance of trust

Trust refers to the need for security and protection. But, it can limit that from doing things.

Still, trust is not about preventing things from happening. Rather, it enables things. So, it opens to new opportunities and ideas.

Also, trust is a human emotion. Thus, humans must also humanize objects like data.

Make analytics a part of the business

There are a lot of impactful tools for DX. But, companies fail to support these.

Also, there is a low source of resources. And some lack backup by the broad and the executive team.

Yet, if companies fail to do this, it will be just another fail digital transformation.

So, what can they do?

A combination of the following can help:

  1. A leader for the initiative that gives necessary resources. Also, it can be a Chief Data or Digital Officer.
  2. Making analytics a shared device.

Making analytics accessible

Companies should make analytics accessible anytime. Thus, they can make their digital transformation possible.

How can they do that?

For one thing, they can develop the UI to be fit their employee’s needs. Also, companies should make sure that it is simple to access.

So, analytics should be straightforward and trustworthy. With that, they can make the best decisions.


Analytics digital transformation is hard. In fact, not all businesses can be successful.

As we mentioned, the heart of DX is data. So, how companies handle it should affect their success in digital transformation.

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