An Error Occurred While Applying Security Information

“An error occurred while applying security information.”

Did you see this type of notification? It usually happens when you want to give access to others. Also, you may want to delete a file but this notification came up. 

What causes the error? Is there any solution for it? 

The answer is yes. There is an aid for that. But before that, let us define security information. 

What is Security Information?

It is a system that protects your data. This is necessary because it means your safety. 

Also, you will need this because you have to protect your expenses. If your information is hacked, thieves will take advantage of it. 

Moreover, they will buy something under your name. Even if you did not buy them. Some even have their orders from another state of the cardholder. 

When it comes to your computer, the system was able to install an internal security plan. You have the authority to let others access your files. 

Also, you have the choice to make it private.

An Error Occurred While Applying Security Information – Why This Happens

One of the reasons why is that you did not give them the authority to access your files. 

When you try to share the data and you did not allow them access, they will still not see it. 

What is the solution for it? First, open the file you that you want to share. After that, you can right-click and click for “properties.” 

Then, go to the general tab and do not tick the “read-only” box. You will notice that after you save, you can already share your data. 

It will also apply when you want to delete a shared file. Probably your friend has sent data but you want to erase it already. You will have quick access to the solution if you do this. 

Another reason to have the error file is that it was from the external file. 

In this case, your system may not allow the data itself. But, taking it is not impossible.

You do not need to reformat your computer file. What you can do is to change the drive ownership. 

Also, you do not need to restart your computer when you have this process. 

There is an important administrator that you need to check in your settings. This may take a long time if you compare it to solution 1. But, it is effective. 


Do not worry if you encounter a notification. It will say, “an error occurred while applying security information.”

Rather, be glad because your security system is working on your computer. Also, that will mean that your data and all other important information are safe. 

You can either try the solution 1 and 2. The first one requires your authority to access the data you want to share. 

Also, it will be easy for you to erase the file because your friend is permitted to do so. 

The other solution might be difficult. But, it will also keep your security information safe. 

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