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digital adoption index

Do you want to know more about the digital adoption index? If so, this article is worth reading for you. Read on to learn more.

What is a Digital Adoption Index?

The Digital Adoption Index is a measurement tool that provides insight into the use of digital and online resources by organizations and institutions. The index is a composite of several factors:

Digital Content. A comprehensive database of digital content is maintained. The index uses this database to assess the presence and effectiveness of different types of digital content, such as survey tools, online catalogs, and social media.

Search Technology. The presence and effectiveness of search technology, such as searchable indexes and subject-based search tools, provide insight into how easily people can find digital resources.

Interactivity. Several factors are measured to determine how interactive digital resources are, including the use of video, audio, and social media. This information indicates how effectively these tools are being used by users.

Support Systems. Factors that include training programs for staff who will use the digital technology, marketing programs that promote the use of certain technologies over others, and policies that support or restrict the use of certain technologies are included in this measure.

How are Organizations Measured?

The Digital Adoption Index is scaled from 1 to 10 across three categories—content, technology, and support systems—with 1 representing low adoption levels and 10 representing high adoption levels. The overall score for each organization is based on its performance in each category.

Before organizations can be ranked on their overall performance on this index scale, they must first be placed into one of three tiers based on their score within each category. The following table shows how these tiers are defined by their scores within each category: 

Tier 1: Highest overall adoption of digital content, search technology, and support systems.

Tier 2: Medium overall adoption of digital content, search technology, and support systems.

Also, tier 3: Lowest overall adoption of digital content, search technology, and support systems.

Where Does Your Library or Organization Fit?

The Digital Adoption Index is also a powerful tool for libraries and organizations to measure how effectively they are using digital tools to serve their users. Through this tool, it is easy to see where you stand about your neighboring organizations. If you want to see how your organization performs on this tool, visit their website or download a copy of the report. You can also share your experiences with others on the website.

Why is the Digital Adoption Index Important?

The digital adoption index is a valuable resource for any organization to use. It can:

Identify strategies for improvement. When an organization compares its performance on this index to those of similar organizations, it can identify areas where it is performing well and those where improvement is needed. 

Offer benchmarks for success. The presence of benchmarks makes it possible to measure the effectiveness of an organization’s digital adoption strategies over time. 

Provide a clear view of the benefits of digital adoption. Once an organization has identified its strengths and weaknesses on this index, it can clearly show the advantages that digital adoption offers over traditional methods. 

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