A Digital Transformation Workshop For Smooth Transformation

What will you achieve through a digital transformation workshop? Customers are at the heart of every business. Thus, the very purpose of business is to get customers. And also, to keep them for a longer period.

Organizations today are under pressure to improve the way they leverage data. To make the right choice and improve services for your customers.

Take a look at some industries that are successful in digital transformation. For example, AirBnB disrupting hotels, Uber disrupting taxis, Netflix in the media, and the list goes on.

The best way is to conduct a workshop. Call all business and IT stakeholders. Then dig out where you stand as of now. And next, you may decide where you want to go.

How To Conduct Digital Transformation Workshop?

The following are just some of the ways on how to conduct a digital transformation workshop:

  • Check the digital maturity of your organization. Also, study if the competition is going right to find out where you are today.
  • To see where you want to be, educate the C suites and senior management on digital concepts.
  • Explain to them how leaders and competitors use digital means to gain advancement.
  • Understand your customers, their needs, and the customer’s touch-points of your business.
  • Do a brainstorming and identify the opportunities to fulfill with digital technologies.
  • Create a simple framework about where to start and what to do next.
  • You may also discuss similar instances of industries that adopt digital transformation. And also discuss how they began the process.
  • Plan a digital strategy covering all aspects of innovation.
  • Focus on solutions. You must base them on quick wins, impact, required investments, and associated risks.
  • Assign who will execute the plan.
  • Also, put governance for the right KPI measurements.

The Major Workshop Takeaways

  • You will have opportunities to increase productivity. This can be done by enterprise-wide data sharing and collaboration
  • You will learn ways to deliver operational efficiencies with real-time data analytics
  • Also, you will learn how to innovate and grow with advanced analytics to uncover new markets
  • Surefire ways to provide an exceptional customer experience

Consulting Firms that Offer Digital Transformation Workshops

The following are just examples of firms offering digital transformation workshops.

ARC Advisory Group

The Firm was founded in 1986. Also, they are the leading technology research and advisory firm for industry, infrastructure, and cities.

Moreover, they deliver a comprehensive portfolio of knowledge-based products. Thus, they help you to keep ahead of the latest industry dynamics, enterprise applications, and plant systems.

Digital Transformation Journey – Implementation Workshop

This firm offers a workshop that is highly interactive and participative for over 2 days. Additionally, this workshop is divided into 3 phases. It can be customized as per the client requirement. The client can start with Phase 1 which is a 2-day interactive workshop.


This workshop helps a business owner to design a digital transformation strategy that fits your business, culture, and practices. And also, it guides the development of a safe and transformational program. A program focusing on business outcomes.


Ascenda helps businesses to master the proven technology trends of today. And also helps them use disruptive technology for competitive advantage in this digital age.

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