2020 Top Digital Transformation Books

The term “digital transformation”  is now so wide. In this article, we will learn some digital transformation books. That helps you begin to lead the company’s digital transformation.

Digital Transformation Books To Read

The following are some of the books only that you have to read. Why should you read these books? Let us take a look.

See Sooner Act Faster Book

In this book, as digital advances intensify friction, you will have the tools to succeed. The new normal has become corporate turbulence. Also, the survival of a business relies on vigilant leadership that anticipates threats. As well as spotting possibilities, and acting fast when the time is right.

Highlighting Adobe, MasterCard, and Amazon examples from the real world. The author teaches us how the rare resource of attention can be allocated. It also discusses how to identify and separate weak signals from background sound. Even how to strategically react before rivals do.

Throughout your company, the writers teach us how to promote vigilance and agility. About the rewards? For your business, greater profits, more development, and longevity.

Digital Transformation By Thomas M. Siebel

Survive and Thrive in an Era of Mass Extinction

You’ll learn in this book how business and government are disrupted by new technologies. How your business can harness such a disturbance to transform itself, as well.

Big data, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and the Internet of Things, are colliding. Also in the 21st century, these four technologies are transforming how we operate.

Tony Saldanha “Why Digital Transformations Fail” Book

The author offers a five-stage model for you in this book. For carrying out a digital transformation. Also, this author explains why digital transformation fails.

Why are they disappointing you? It’s not due to technical challenges or creativity. Those are the specifics. Yes, the “devil is in the specifics.” A lack of specific objectives and a disciplined process to accomplish those make it slip off the track for transformation.

Moreover, the boundaries between the digital, physical, and biological worlds became blurry. The author explains that digital transformation could be effective. Never an actual threat. By using hundreds of research studies and experiences from his own.

The Technology Fallacy

You’ll understand from reading this book that digital transformation is about people. Changes to organizational dynamics require successful digital transformation. As well as how it gets the job done.

Digital transformation isn’t just apps. Yet there was a need for systemic improvements. To leverage the potential of technology. You can respond quickly to digital disruption. How? By concentrating on an organization’s people and processes. To be more flexible by shifting the corporate culture. Also, to be tolerant of risk, and experimental. Then digital disruption will interfere with your company.

MicroMarketing By Greg Verdino

This book is about the end of mainstream marketing. Also, how marketing “micro” could be “macro” marketing.

The book talks about how and why marketing strategies should be rethought. As well as retooled and revitalized. To take full advantage of the possibilities produced by the burst of microcontent.

Know how to identify new clients and develop relationships. As well as having actual micro marketing company results.

Overall, these are just a few of the digital transformation books that are a must-read. But there are many more books you can review to learn.

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